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The Lonely King


Help the lonely king escape from his castle, especially with all the traps and puzzles involved. Some blocks solidify, some don’t. And then there are the magical statues that come to life when you touch them and mimic your every move. This going’s going to be tricky…

5 Key Resume Tips


Writing a professional resume with the proper format will go a long way to getting your foot in the door. The 2 Interview Guys are back with another animated video, this time showing you how to write a great resume using five key tips.

Cost Of Batman


You must have seen and loved the Batman movies, but have you ever wondered how much it would actually cost to be Batman? MovieClips decided to dig around by analyzing the various cool tools used in all the Batman movies and added them up to figure out what it would take to be Gotham’s Dark Knight.

On Arranged Marriage


On the face of it, Debie and Alex Thomas’s marriage seems quite happy and ideal. But there are a few things nagging Debie. In an article in Slate, the Indian immigrant talks about her arranged marriage. It’s not about bashing the custom or praising it; just an experience of living it with a lot of introspection.

Egypt Crackdown


Things are getting tense in Egypt. Last week, Egyptian security forces attacked protest camps supporting ousted President Mohammed Morsi, killing 150 and injuring 1,400 others. There were fires, there were bombs and eventually a state of emergency was declared. The violence hasn’t died down yet