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What’s Five Minute 5?

Taking a short break? Waiting for someone and have five minutes to kill? We too have been there and we too have spent most of that time searching the Web for something worthwhile. There had to be a better way of doing this!

We decided to round up five of the Web’s best every day: a game, a tip, a video, an article and a photo album. So the next time you want to unwind, you won’t have to search for what to do.

How Do I Put My Brand On This Site?

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  • http://WebsiteURL parul

    i am unable to c ur suggested pages of 5m5. eg 5m5.in/aug20tip does not load. can u tell me how to go about it. Thanx

  • Mihir Patkar

    The link you mentioned, http://5m5.in/Aug20Tip is working fine. Just checked it and asked a few friends to do the same.

    Perhaps the problem is the case? Our URL shortening service (Bit.ly) is case-sensitive, and thus the capitalisation of the letters has to be appropriately keyed in.

    Usually, lower-case should work fine as well, but if it doesn’t, please try them with the appropriate capital letters as printed in the newspaper column.

    And if you still have a problem, you can always use this site :)

  • http://www.MohsinKhan.in Mohsin Khan

    I want to promote my PSA Short cut Via Mirrior..
    I hold all the rights of my film.Just want it to reach the audience as the topic is very important.
    The movie has also been screened in all over BEST bus plazmas in MUmbai/Asian Film Festival also.

    Please reply
    Short Cut a PSA on Railway Track crossing

    Awaiting reply
    Mohsin Khan

  • Mihir Patkar

    Hi Mohsin,

    The video will be reviewed and if found acceptable, featured in the video of the day.

    Thanks for the submission

  • http://WebsiteURL kamini

    not able to open yr 5m5.in/Sep14Video or other sites
    after typing it as shown exactly in the paper.

  • Mihir Patkar

    Hi Kamini,

    The link is working fine on our end, and I even asked a few friends to try it out and it’s working fine for them too. Dunno what the problem could be, sorry.

    Just in case you still can’t access it, it is still available on this site through a direct link on the main page itself.

  • http://WebsiteURL Imtiaz

    Sir, the ‘conversation about jihad’ its so absurd and biased. Its classical missionary tactic borrowed from orientalist writings… there is enough hatred is on air…this is showcase of clear hatred against a particular religion in a most unbiased way.

    Thank you

  • http://www.briandoddonleadership.com Brian Dodd

    I found this site when you posted on my blogs recently. I am a huge fan on this site. Great information.

  • http://twitter.com/jatinc jatin Chande

    i would appreciate if you can give links via q mark bar codes which can be easily used from most. to mobiles. its the best way to share links and other information.

  • http://trinsomnia.com Allena Sheasby

    Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog so i came to “return the favour”.I am looking for ways to add things to my website!Is it ok if i use some of the things i saw here?!

  • http://sanoberkhan.blogspot.com sanober khan

    Hi I wish to contribute my videos and writings to 5minute5. May I know the procedure to do the same?

  • Mihir Patkar

    Hi Sanober,

    Just mail a link to your YouTube or Vimeo video to fiveminutefive@gmail.com, and our editors will decide whether to feature it. The same goes for articles: send a link to the above email address.

    Mihir Patkar

  • http://WebsiteURL Sachin

    Hey can I download the archives by any chance? BTW the articles and tips are really great!

  • Mihir Patkar

    The archives aren’t downloadable, but you can browse through them on this website by using the calendar in the right-sidebar. Thanks for the kind words.

  • http://stamarfas.com Williemae Vanbruggen

    Great article. Waiting for more.

  • http://ephedradietdrops.com/252-5668_10-Acai-Hoodia-Water_09-04-04.html Garry Arrant

    Amazingly website, I like how your website looks! The layout is great!…

  • http://www.alveo.gallery.net.pl/ Alveo

    Very Interesting Blog! Thank You For Thi Blog!

  • http://www.5minute5.com/about/ dheeraj

    i would like know the name of this site for mobile users like for s40v mobiles.

  • Mihir Patkar

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Sorry, there’s no mobile version as yet, but we are looking at the option :)

  • http://WebsiteURL Nishad Kulkarni

    Brilliant website!
    Add some more geeky stuff if possible.

  • Mihir Patkar

    Thanks. But sorry, “geeky stuff” doesn’t appeal to everyone. We try to keep it to stuff that anyone might like :)

  • http://WebsiteURL NavinPanjwani

    hey Mihir i am not able to view the link which was pyblished in Mumbai Mirror , dated 2 June.


  • Mihir Patkar

    Hi Navin,

    It seems to be working fine for me as well as a few friends I just asked to check with. It’s probably a problem at your end.

    Regardless, here’s the link to the expanded URL in case you still can’t get through: http://www.aliventures.com/8-writing-secrets/

    Hope that helps.


  • http://www.reverbnation.com/thomsonandrews Thomson

    Hi Mihir,

    I’m a Contemporary RnB Artist and Singer Songwriter and I would love you to hear my originally composed songs which you could feature on your column.

    Please email me details(Email address) where I can send you the audio file.


  • Mihir Patkar

    Hi Thomson,

    If you could upload your songs to the Grooveshark.com music service and send me links to that, I’d be glad to give it a listen.


  • http://WebsiteURL vivek

    i am unable to access jun 6th tip in mumbai mirror for saving the mobile form water jeopardy!!! please help

  • Mihir Patkar

    It seems to be working at http://5m5.in/Jun06Tip

    But just in case you can’t get through, here’s the full link: http://thenextweb.com/lifehacks/2011/05/19/how-to-fix-waterlogged-gadgets-rice-and-cat-litter-of-course/

  • http://WebsiteURL Manoj Karnani

    Hi, i need 2 send u a video which we directed…. & the link is on youtube.
    Kindly guide me how do i go for it.

    thx :)

  • Mihir Patkar

    You can send the link to fiveminutefive@gmail.com, along with a short description.

  • Read India Read Campaign

    We are running Read India Read Campaign to develop Reading Habit and Culture all over India. Would like to share reading tips every day or atleast weekly once in Mumbai Mirror who can we collaborate??? Please check http://www.readindiareadcampaign.in

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for writing in. To get in touch with someone at Mumbai Mirror, you can send a mail to mirrorfeedback@indiatimes.com.

    If you do write posts on reading tips and would like to be considered for the Five Minute 5 column, send an email with the link of your post to fiveminutefive@gmail.com. Our editors will take a look at it and decide whether it should be published.

    Mihir Patkar

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Thanks for this grt site thats makes my 5 minutes break destressing yet productive. I have been bloging for sometime and feel few of my aritlces have received good response. Would love them to feature in the 5minutes5 list…the link is http://sidsavenue.blogspot.com

  • Vishwanath_n

    To go to the archives, there seems to be no way. I want to see some old postings but cannot find a way to do it. Earlier we could go and check the old postings but don’t know why you have closed the option now.

  • R P

    hi m not gettin 5m5 2011oct Tip. can u plz help me sir

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    hey this is a gr8 idea….keep the good wrk going on..:)

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  • Jyotiajay2001

    In India ,afew women are only reaching the top in corporates.Can something be done to regulate the working hours in offices so that women don’t feel guilty while leaving offices on time.

  • VaibhavJ_Bhopal

    One of the most knowledgeable websites I’ve ever found.

  • Bhoomi shah

    I am one of them who regularly goes through your five minute 5 cool things. First of all i would like to say its a brilliant idea of having such a website. It is really helpful and knowledgeable and keeps us updated about the happenings around the world like in just 5 minutes. your efforts are truly laudable!

    I have a friend who along with his colleagues from standout picture- an amateur production house have made their first short film named SOLITUDE – state of being alone on an occasion of world orphans day- 9th February. The film revolves around the life of an orphan and tells us about millions of other living in miserable conditions. it provides us with the statistics of orphans worldwide. The concept is well framed and appealing and touches the heart. it will be grateful if you’ll can consider and publish it in Mumbai mirror. i did mail but dint get any response.

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    Gentle visionary! Your perspective…is admirable. Wishing your energy to write and conceive more ideas to set to ‘page’.

  • http://sidsavenue.blogspot.com Sid

    The stuff you guys share is great. Do you have mobile app?

  • Siddharth Kannan

    this is very good…

    perfect for 5 minutes..

  • Shaily

    i absolutely love this column.. i visit it everyday.. but i can not open the video on my phone, do u hv an application for that?
    i use iphone 4.. thnx

  • Samyukta Ranganathan

    There’s a brilliant app called ‘Built for 1′ – perfect for killing time and you stand a chance to win an iPad. Tests your creativity and brings out the inner designer in you!


  • http://sidsavenue.blogspot.com Sid

    Hi, I have got this list of 14 Internet based services that I feel are must for any individual…Featuring them on 5minute5 will make it more internet enthusiasts…http://sidsavenue.blogspot.in/2012/04/14-must-use-internet-based-services.html

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    even i tried to open but unable to open , can anyone guide me,

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  • R K Menon

    Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (ISEET) – Confusion continues….
    IIT -JEE and AIEEE the gateways to India’s top engineering colleges including the IITs and NITs— is all set to be replaced by a brand new test to be called as ISEET – Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test.
    HRD has proposed to conduct this single All India exam (ISEET) for admission to all engineering colleges in India. Acamedicians, educationists, parents and students are very much apprehensive about the sudden proposed system change and its effects on the majority of students in India.
    Even certain State Governments are worried about the same. Some states have boldly come forward and criticized it. While many others have blindly accepted it without giving it a thought and its implications to the students of their state.
    West Bengal, Tamil Nadu etc are smart enough to defer the same citing that their students are not geared up for the same. They are of the opinion that it can be implemented in their state only after grooming their students with the pattern of the IIT/CBSE syllabus . They will change the syllabus accordingly and may accept the ISEET after a couple of years after satisfying that majority of their students are ready to take the test.
    I don’t understand why Maharashtra has accepted the ISEET ? Why the education minister Mr. Rajesh Tope did not think it prudent to discuss the issue with educationists, acamedicians and experts in the field of education. In our state ie. Maharashtra, majority of the students are from state boards. Most of the students from rural areas do not even have access to good colleges leave apart coaching tutorials.
    The ISEET paper is to be set up by IIT and is based on CBSE syllabus. Maharashtra Govt. has introduced the NCERT topics in their 11th and 12th syllabus. The students find it difficult with this sudden introduction of CBSE syllabus based on NCERT. They will have a tough time learning the science subjects in depth with this sudden load. The CBSE based ncert books are to be introduced from high school only then the students can comfortably learn the same in 11th and 12th and prepare for the ISEET. Maharshtra’s next batch of students are learning the CBSE from high schools and they may be ready for the ISEET. Hence Maharashtra should think of introducing ISEET from 2014 or 2015.
    There are so many basic things in the field of education which are to be changed. The ministers must think of bringing in reforms in these areas on priority rather than scrapping JEE which does not require any immediate reform. It is evident that a system cannot be improved by dismantling what works. Try to make or mantle what does not work.
    The ministers must ensure uniform syllabus,same text books,uniform evaluation methods across the various boards in our country. Stopping mass copying and malpractises across the country in board exams.Teaching is a noble profession. The Govt.must find a way to make teaching an attractive proposition; Teachers are the foundation of education, right now it is not a priority choice for a career, it needs to be fixed urgently. Teaching reforms should precede entrance exam reforms.

  • Gooloo Mehta

    would like to read the article. where is it? Gooloo mehta

  • Gayatri Sarang

    Which article?

  • Kazimzee

    something about poker ?

  • Manoj. GV

    Don’t know to dance or sing …dis video will make you do it.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFHCAmXjiKw

    BiG HiTs of 2012:
    ” Why this kolaveri di ”
    ” dhinka chika ” (Bodyguard)
    ” chinta ta ” (Rowdy Rathod)
    ” dan dan ” (Department)

    Dis song “Thotto kadai” – Is already becuming famous in Youtube with more than 5000 hits.

  • Zainkhan

    I would like to see this game on the game of the day section


  • Medhashastri

    Hi, i was trying to search your Tip on Mind mapping featured in the Oct 12 mirror. Can’t find it.. Why ?
    how would i know if its still available for reading?

  • Vasanti P Prabhu

    cant access today’s link …

  • http://poltubegins.blogspot.in/ Dipankar


    This is my animated short film made at NID, ahmedabad.
    Please do have a look!


    Thanking you,
    Dipankar Sengupta

  • http://www.facebook.com/gunaranjan.nanjappa Gunaranjan Nanjappa

    The developers need to switch the current five minute five web page to the previous format, which was way easier to scroll down and pick n read them interesting articles.

  • Rajat Diwan



  • Rajat Diwan

    http://youtu.be/NYHi85VlrWU . hi guys, I have made public service film on women. plz watch it and if u like it then share it with all your friends. It’s for noble cause.

  • Sharath Chandra

    Hi this is a great website … I dont know how to express thanks :) Only fault that i find is that many articles dont have links .. For eg
    Creativity Needs ‘No’ — essay had no links to the original article !! So pls provide links for all posts so that we need not google it once again !!

    PS : I couldnt change font for above for some mysterious reason !!??

    sharath – sharath.a1990@gmail.com

  • Gayatri Sarang

    Hi Sharath,

    Thanks for the kind words, it’s what keeps us going.

    The links can all be accessed by clicking on the photo accompanying each article.

    We’re looking to refine this system, but for now, every post has an image and you can click that image to go to the link referred to in the post.


  • Pallavi Bhat


    I have had subscription to your RSS feeds for 2 years now.

    And I find that you suggest interesting stuff.

    But lately, there is a lot of focus on ‘American’ things. Lots keeps

    happening (esp with Snowden now) in the US. But after a while it seems

    a bit too much of America propaganda.

    I wish you would select articles not only for popularity (which invariably

    will have an american bias) but also for novelty. And if there is a bias,

    let it be for Indian issues.



  • anon

    hope this is back soon. really missing it.

  • achutank

    well doen on this site man, hope you return with more enregy

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Hopefully, it will :)

  • Reshma Pai

    Mihir, I have been addicted to 5minute5 for two years now. Please come back. If you are pressed for time, make it a weekly e-mag. I am sure you will not lose your loyal followers – LIKE ME!!!

  • ro

    I haven’t commented on the blogs before but I follow it everyday… Sad to hear u taking a break… Hope u come back soon… N good luck!!

  • nik

    my profession demands a lot of scientific reading, therefore, i used to anticipate the post-lunch 5m5 sessions which gave me a break without killing precious time searching…
    Will miss it surely!

  • Alexander Vajo

    Dear Mihir, Thank you for this site. It has been so many things at different times. Always great! Enjoy your break.

  • Paris Leopold McGrath

    I miss reading the wonderful articles posted on 5minute5. Please return soon!

  • Rp-sc Portal

    Thank .

  • Clewyn

    Hey i dont see the site being updated anymore.. why have you’ll stopped?

  • Sidney

    Hey Mihir, I have been a regular visitor to the site. Helps me a great deal even with my work! Sad to know you are discontinuing atleast for a while! Please get back ASAP n keep on the good work!